Monday, April 30, 2007

Naked Baby

Here's some cute pictures of Devin that I couldn't resist.
I just want to chew on those thighs.

Picture Time

This past weekend, Devin and his cousin James had their first official photo shoot together. The boys did great. James wasn't sure about things at first, but the blocks made for a fun time. And the photographer practiced snapping shots of James while he was on the move. Devin isn't mobile yet, so he just sat in one place and chuckled to himself. But by watching James, I got to see a glimpse of what it will be like when Devin is walking someday. Afterwards, we had fun watching James walk the whole length of the mall. He has perfected the whole walking thing. Way to go James!

Here's the link to the pictures. Devin is 6 months and James is 1 year. If you click on the slideshow link, you'll get to see the pictures a bit larger.


Friday, April 27, 2007

First Night Away

I spent my first night away from Devin this week. I had to go to Salt Lake City for work. Thankfully it was just an overnighter and I was back within 24 hours. Rich was so patient as I had a million lists and reminders for the time I was away. I truly missed my boys, but am so proud of Rich for handling Devin all on his own. The night shift has been my job for the most part, but Rich jumped right in when we all needed him. I now know I can leave and not worry. Although, I hopefully won’t have to leave again any time soon.

I also mastered the tricks of traveling and pumping. Devin is still nursing, so I had to take my pump to keep my supply up while on the road. The limits on bringing liquids on the plane now certainly added a twist to my travel plans too. Did you know that you can take breastmilk, of any quantity, on a plane as long as you have a baby with you? Well, Devin wasn’t on this trip with me, so I had to put his milk in a little cooler in my luggage and check it. I talked to the guy who took my bag and pleaded with him to make sure my bag made it on the plane. I’d be devastated if the bag arrived late and the milk spoiled. I always knew travel would be more challenging once I had a baby, but I thought that would only be the case when he was with me.

Devin has had his first cold all week. Not quite sure what is going on. The night before I left, he was so congested he could barely eat without having to come up for air. I spoke with the doctor and they think it might have been a side effect of his shots. I tell yah, I’m ready for my little boy to not be so congested. But thankfully, he’s been all smiles and not acting any different. He really is a happy baby overall…we are so blessed!

Monday, April 23, 2007

6 Month Checkup

Devin went to the doctor today and got very good marks. He weighed in at 21 pounds, 5 ounces and 29 inches in length. He was 95th percentile again for weight and is "off the charts" (more than a 100%) for height. His head measured in the 50th percentile again. Devin loves going to the doctor because they have really fun and crunchy paper on the exam table. He loves to kick his legs back and forth and rip the paper off. True fun!

The doctor said that we can move off the oatmeal now and hit the veggies big time. So far, Devin's had carrots and loves them. Squash is up next.

Here's a few recent pictures that I've been meaning to post for some time now.

Look at me - I can hold my toes!
And I can use them in my crib to play with my music acquarium.

Happy baby!

Hanging out with Daddy

Friday, April 13, 2007

6 Months Old

Hi everyone!
Hey look. It's my foot.

I'm gonna get you!

Today is Devin's first half birthday. And how funny that it is on Friday the 13th...just like when he was born. Devin is doing very well for a six month old boy. In this past month, he's perfected the art of sitting up on his own. He loves sitting with a bunch of toys within reach to play or chew on. His favorite toys are the ones that are made of fabric with the paper inside that make "crunchy" sounds. He also loves his organic cotton green beans, grapes (some pictures of him chewing on those are in the blog pictures below) and carrot. His fabric blocks are also a big hit. He loves to bat those around.

During the day, Devin goes through his activity rotations (as my Mom and Rich would say). I guess it is the baby version of Curves. haha. He likes his swing although it is not swinging as much as before...he's getting so big. He will still lie on his back to play under his play gym. The exersaucer is by far his favorite right now. He loves to spin around and play with all the toys. Looking out the window or being outside is also a big hit. And I've been known to put him in the high chair with some toys for a change of scenery too. He also is really good at laying on his back and doing sit ups to get him in a sitting position. Then he will grab your hand and pull himself up into a standing position. He is very sturdy!

Devin has two teeth on the bottom now. There are starting to sprout up more and more each day. Overall, he was really good with those teeth coming up. We didn't think he was teething yet, so he must not have been that irritable. But I have noticed that his naps are starting to stretch out now (from a half hour to an hour plus...thank goodness!). And he has been sleeping better at night. Yeah.

We aren't sure how much he weighs, but are guessing over 22 pounds. We go to the doctor on the 23rd, so we'll get the official stats then. He is in 12 - 18 months clothes...and has been for a few weeks now. He just blew threw the 6 -12 month size. Devin is also starting to get more was so short for so long, but now I can see more and more hair coming in.

Devin has a great temperment. He really only fusses when he is tired. We pretty much know that when he starts rubbing his eyes and is cranky, that it is nap or bed time. He's that predictable which is wonderful! We are also starting sign language with him for eat, milk, and more. It will be great when he can sign back.

Devin has recently discovered his feet as you can see in the pictures above. He also is getting good at sticking his thumb in his mouth...versus the whole hand (or both hands). We are also back to feeding him some cereal. This time we are going the oatmeal route and it is working out great. It took a few days for his digestion to adjust, but now he is doing great. I see some organic pureed carrots in his near future. I'm sure he'll love it as he is always trying to grab whatever food he can off your plate!

It is hard to believe our sweet baby is already 6 months old. But we are truely enjoying this time with him. What a fun age!

Easter Weekend

Devin and Aunt Deseri
The boys - Devin and Jason

Hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Some New Choppers

Devin is sporting some brand new teeth! Rich and I went to lunch today and Devin was a crazy wild man trying to grab any piece of food or crumb he could snatch. When he wasn't successful, he proceeded to chew on Rich's finger. Rich says, "I feel some teeth!" And low and behold, there are two teeth coming up. His gums never got red or swollen, so I assumed it would be months before we saw any cute teeth, but they are here. Not sure they show enough for a picture yet, but I'll take one as soon as I can.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Park City

We just returned from Devin's second plane trip. We went to Park City for a conference my work was hosting. Rich had to work, so I asked my Mom if she'd go with Devin and I. I am so fortunate that she was able (and willing) to go. My Mom is not a fan of flying, so this was a big accomplishment for her. I was so lucky to have her there to watch Devin while I had to work. We had a great trip and Devin was a really good traveler once again. He fights going to sleep but as soon as the plane starts down the runway, he's out for a nap. Doesn't get better than that.

Now that we are back home, we are trying to get Devin back into his usual routine. He got spoiled sleeping with me in Park City, so now we are working him back into his crib. We also will start him on rice cereal again soon. We fed him cereal the week before we left, but he was not sleeping very well (we think as a result). The whole theory that kids sleep better on solids is a farce. Didn't work for Devin. So, we decided to hold off on the cereal for a few more weeks to see if his digestion is ready. Although I will say that he is really good at grabbing whatever food he can swipe off your plate. :-)

Boys Will Be Boys

James and Devin were playing and having a good old time.
Next thing we knew, Devin was crying which made James cry. We should have run to their rescue, but it was so dramatic and funny that we grabbed our cameras instead.
Now, the boys have no idea what to do.

Devin and Cousin James

James has to go for Devin's ears because he still doesn't have enough hair to grab.

Play Time

Here's our happy boy. He loves his exersaucer. We barely leave home without it.