Friday, July 24, 2009

One Month Old

I am a few weeks late on my one-month old posting for Gavin, but I'll do my best to catch everyone up. It has certainly been a busy first month, but a really easy one overall for having a newborn. Gavin is a SUPER easy baby. I really pinch myself everyday. He takes great naps...for hours. I have to wake him up to eat before I head to bed most nights. He is perfectly content in his swing or bouncy seat and sleeps in his Pack N Play or Co-Sleeper. My brother said it best when he stated that Gavin is not Type A or Type B. He's more like a Type C in that he is so mellow. Again, I feel so blessed. I remember Devin always struggling to nap at this age. I called him my snapper meaning that he was a short napper. And Devin always wanted to be carried or in a sling. Gavin is the total opposite.

At four weeks, I weighed Gavin and he was exactly 12 pounds and 24 inches. He has pretty much gained a pound and grown an inch each week. As a nursing mom, it makes me very proud. We did start Gavin on a pumped bottle of milk each day and he takes it fine. He is pretty slow with the bottle but willing. We just make sure he gets at least one bottle each day so he will not refuse it when I go back to work. And I'll admit, there are times when a bottle is handy.

Right around 4 weeks old, Gavin started to smile and talk. He is so darn cute in the morning. That is when he is most chatty. He wakes up smiling and talking away. Devin and I are both slow risers, so Gavin must get this trait from his daddy! But I am going to say the mellowness comes from me. :-)

At 4 weeks old, Gavin was in his 3 to 6 month size of clothes. And now at 6 weeks, he's ready to move to a 6 to 12 month size. I think I have another big boy on my hands. Gavin also has really begun enjoying the ceiling fans, toys on his carseat, plant in the living room, etc. He is very observant looking at all the things in his world.

We have been trying to get Gavin's one-month pictures done, but he had some baby acne at that moment and our schedule around Devin's has been a juggling act. I hope to get to the photography studio soon though. I would like to get some pictures similar to what I have for Devin.

Devin has really adapted well to having Gavin in the house. He only really gets annoyed when I change Gavin's diaper. He often thinks I'm hurting Gavin because he is crying and becomes protective of his baby brother.

Devin is now 2 yrs and 9 months old. He is 38 pounds and wearing a boys size 4 -5 clothes. He pretty much blew by the 4t size. He also was 38 inches tall when we took Gavin to a Dr appt right after birth. So Devin continues to look older than he really is.

We recently started Devin in a Montessori preschool and it has been a wild ride to say the least. We love the school and Devin is beginning to also. He just gets so worked up about going it is crazy. He has total separation anxiety. He is upset when we drop him off but he is totally fine before we even get down the hallway to leave. And his teachers say how he is really starting to socialize and do new activities. I do feel better when we pick him up and he says that he had a lot of fun doing all the things they have for him. I think going from his grandparents house every day to being home with us for a month and then into preschool threw him for a loop. He is very attached to Rich and I after being together for a month. But every day we take Devin to school, he has adjusted more and more. In fact, he likes to walk in on his own now and carry his lunch bag. It is very cute.

Not too much else is new with us. Just been pretty tied up commuting to and from Devin's preschool. He is only there a couple hours each day so we really can only get in a few errands before it is time to pick him up. We also are in the midst of finishing the landscaping in our back yard. Just need a few more plants and some bark and we'll be done. Yeah. I can't wait for that project to end soon.

I have six more weeks of maternity leave left. We are working on some projects for Rich's small business and then we also have a few small family trips planned. The time is certainly flying by and I hope to get in a lot of fun along with my "wish list" items. But most important, I am enjoying time with my new baby and Devin. It truely is a special time.

Thanks for checking in on us.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gavin's Birth Announcement

Here's Gavin's announcement that we just finished. Our friends at Card Couture ( made this original design. I love it!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Some More Pics - 4 to 5 Weeks Old

Here's Gavin (left) with his good friend Joaquin (right) who is a month older than Gavin. I'm sure they'll get into quite a bit of mischief in the future.
Our sleeper!Our boy is starting to get some serious rolls.

Mommy's Helper

Devin likes to help mommy burp baby Gavin. He does a pretty good job and knows how to pat his back and everything.
So sweet.

Fourth of July

Our neighbors put together an awesome fourth of July party. There were two jump houses, music for the kids, two firetrucks, and a parade. It was amazing!

Here's a picture of Grandma Casaday riding her bike to the neighboring couldesac for the festivities.Here's one of the firetrucks that led the parade around Rockmont Circle.
Rich and Devin following the firetruck in the parade.
Afterwards, Devin had his turn on the drums. He loved it.

More Pics - 2 to 4 weeks

Here's some pictures from the last few weeks. This first one is very sweet. Every night, Devin shares his bed with Gavin for story time.
All the boys! Here is Gavin having his first bottle at 3 weeks. He's pretty slow drinking from a bottle but certainly willing to take it. Yeah!
Gavin and Auntie Deseri. This was taken over the fourth of July weekend.

Gavin loves his bath and is so chatty hanging out in his towel afterwards.