Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Few Updates

Hi Everyone. My apologies for being so delinquent in my postings. We had a busy holiday season and with Rich in India for a month, there was little free time to sit in front of the computer. Rich is home now and we are already in the full swing of a new semester of classes for Rich to teach and I had to travel to Atlanta for the week. But we are all home this weekend and so happy to be hanging out.

On January 13, we had our ultrasound for baby #2 and it was fantastic. I think the technology has improved even in the last two years since we went when I was pregnant with Devin. Baby #2 looked great and the doctor was very thorough in all her measurements. She even had us listen to all the heart valves and such. It was amazing. We were thrilled to hear that the baby is doing well and seems perfectly healthy. I feel blessed! We were asked if we wanted to know the sex and we showed such will power and said that we wanted to wait for the birth. So, this baby will be a surprise just like Devin. Can't wait.

I am feeling good with this pregnancy although I feel much bigger this go 'round. The baby is measuring a week ahead. And I have a torpedo belly just like with Devin. Maybe we have another boy on the way. The heart rate also continues to be in the 140's.

Devin is doing great. He has really sprouted up lately. He is in 3T shirts and 24 month pants. He has a pretty round belly so we need to go for the elastic waist band to fit his torso. He is up to around 36 pounds I believe. Pretty soon, he'll be out of his carseat and into a booster. Such a big boy!

Devin also has all his teeth and is so good about letting us brush all his teeth before bed. We do a counting game as we brush and he's totally on board with a good brushing. So glad. He also has a growing vocabulary by the day. He's putting full sentences together. One day, it seemed as though he was telling me a story. I marvel at how he is putting all the words together, and using words I didn't even know he knew.

He also is a well behaved kid overall. He listens well and can be very polite. He loves to say "bless you" anytime anyone sneezes. It is very cute. He is still a boy though...and has his wild moments for sure. But I feel grateful for his good manners and attention to detail.

We have been a bit cooped up due to the cold winter, but we've had a few sunny days here and there and Devin loves to get outside and ride his motorized tractor, tricycle, or run around. Yesterday, I was cleaning out the garage and he was hitting golf balls on the lawn. He has a true athletic talent in most sports he tries. He was sailing the golf ball down the street. I couldn't believe it. Good thing I only gave him a putter!

Devin has been sleeping a bit better these days. He goes to sleep on his own (I know...I should have instituted that a long time ago), but he's transitioning to it well without any fussing. We have a good bedtime routine and he's funny talking about garbage trucks as he goes to sleep. Devin naps about 2 - 3 hours once a day. He does much better when he's well rested.

Ok, I have to run. I'll post some pictures soon.