Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 Months Old

It is so hard to believe that Gavin is three months old already. The time is flying by. He continues to be our easy going baby and will happily hang out when we need to help Devin with something. He is has a smile that will melt your heart and loves to laugh when you play with him. It is very cute.

Gavin is now up to size 3 diapers…he’s our chunky not-so-little guy. People ask me all the time if he is five months old because he’s not only heavy, but he’s also very tall. I was noticing the other day how he has a chubby roll on the back of his ankle. I never knew it was possible to get a roll there. I weighed Gavin the first week in September and he was 16 pounds, 10 ounces then. So I’m pretty certain he’s at least 17 pounds now. I expect him to be on track in terms of height and weight as Devin.

Gavin loves to be outside and look around. He does a really good sit-up with a little assistance. I’m thinking about getting him one of those bumbo chairs so he can sit up on his own and watch everything going on.

I recently went back to work and it was about the same time that Gavin stopped sleeping the night. He was sleeping all the way from 8:30 p.m. to 5 a.m. to eat and then would go back to sleep. But this past week or so he’s been up several times in the night. He’s often hungry or restless. Hopefully we’ll all get back into our old routine soon. Devin has also been getting up at night, which I also think has been causing Gavin to get up.

We continue to struggle with Devin not wanting to go to school. He likes it when he is there, but is just having a really difficult time in the mornings. He says that he likes school but wants us to stay there with him. Rich and I are thinking about trying something different. We’ve been fighting the battle for 2 months and just hate to see Devin so upset. He has his whole life to be stressed about school so we are looking to improve things here. Not quite sure what our plan is, but hopefully we’ll find something that works better very soon.

Devin will turn three next month and he is pretty much right at 39 pounds and is 39 inches tall. He’s wearing size 4T or boys size 4 shirts and boys size 5 pants. He’s really sprouted up in the past six months. He also has been potty trained for a while and we love it. He’s so proud going to the restroom at home all by himself. He also recently learned how to put his clothes on by himself too. Next up, we’ll have to start working on tying shoelaces and buttoning shirts.

Devin goes to a Montessori school, which has really taught him so many things in the short time he’s been there. He can pour/scoop things, get his own bowl, clean up, etc. They teach independence and it fits him so well. And we’ve learned to encourage his thirst for adventure and let him do things on his own. He was way more capable than we really gave him credit for. So you could say we have learned a lot too.

Rich continues to be a wonderful dad picking Devin up from school every day and taking him somewhere fun for an activity or two. Recently, they went to the train museum and candy store. What a treat. And on another day, they went to the aquarium. I love that Rich spends so much quality time with Devin. He’s a great dad.

I just went on my first overnight trip for work. I was so sad to leave my family and I honestly was worried about Gavin taking a bottle for so many feedings. But he did really well and Rich managed with help from his parents. Thank goodness for grandparents. We greatly appreciate their help.

I want to get the boys in for another photo shoot very soon. Hopefully I can get that together in the next week or so. But Rich is going on a few weekend trips with his classes, so I’ll just have to play it by ear. I’ll post a link as soon as we have some fun pics to share.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Devin Meets Chili Pepper

Devin touched a hot chili pepper in the garden and then put his finger on his lips. Needless to say, the chili pepper was SPICY HOT. Rich quickly moved into action and got out the yogurt to coat (aka cool off) his lips. Devin just sat there waiting for dad to smother the yogurt back and forth across his burning lips. I give Rich creative points for saving our child with that one.
Step two of the recovery program included a frozen juice popsicle. Phew. Something tells me the chilis in the garden will remain untouched from here on out.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Almost 3 Months Old

I took Gavin to my last Mom's Group meeting yesterday and he weighed in at 16 pounds, 10 ounces. He is doing great! And he is totally trying to sit up by lifting his head. I sometimes wonder if he'll sit up before he rolls over. I head back to work on Tuesday (sigh), so it is beginning to sink in how much I will miss him. He is such a sweet boy and smiles on command. And he is still sleeping the night. He goes down around 8:30 p.m. and gets up at 5 or 5:30 a.m. to eat and then goes back to bed for a couple more hours. We are very blessed!

Gavin and His Grandpa

What a great picture!

Six Flags Magic Kingdom

We had the opportunity to go to Six Flags Magic Kingdom last weekend and Devin loved it. Gavin was such a good boy and hung out and slept most of the day.
Devin rode his first rides...and all by himself! He was pretty good at putting his hands in the air too.
Harold the heli-co-co-copter (as Devin would say).
Auntie Deseri and Gavin

Devin loved the walrus exhibit.
He could almost touch it...