Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Abalone Camping Trip

It was a bit chilly in the evenings. Devin was our burrito baby.
Taking a nap on the beach with the Piper dog.

(left to right) - Rich, Devin, Mason, and Matt. Mason, Devin's buddy, was born a week before Devin.

One last nap before we head back home.

Our Little Climber

Friday, June 29, 2007

So Sweet

Devin woke up this morning and was full of love. He gives his version of kisses, which is just so darn cute. He leans in with his mouth wide open. He has not figured out yet how to pucker his lips. But his motions are so genuine and real. There is nothing like having unconditional love expressed from your little one.

Devin also has figured out this past week how to smack his lips. He'll eat some fruit and then smack his lips. It's is really funny. It seems like there is something new he's learned each day.

He has become proficient at pulling himself up to standing and is very proud. He can move from the couch to the loveseat very well. And he is a fast crawler too. He is pretty self entertained now that he can get where he wants to go...the basket of dog toys is his new favorite play spot.

I downloaded the pics to my computer, so next I'll get them on the blog. Really! Check back soon.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

First Camping Trip

Last weekend, we went to Caspar Beach for our fourth annual abalone diving trip. We had a great turnout with a total of six divers this year. Yeah. We definitely stepped it up this year and had some friends in RVs, lots of kitchens in the tent campsite, and also a generator-powered meat slicer (thanks Doug!). We are certainly getting this whole thing down. It was a wonderful time to say the least!

Devin was a trooper all weekend. His nap schedule got a bit messed up, but he slept really well at night. It was super cold, so he snuggled up with Rich and I. I was worried I might have a hard time getting him back in his crib when we returned but I think he was as happy to see his bed as we were to see ours.

I have a bunch of pictures I'll post later tonight. There are some great shots of Devin and Piper napping together.

Two More Teeth

Devin is well on his way to a full set of choppers. He just got two more teeth on top, so he now has a total of six (two on bottom and four on top). These last two just showed up. I had no idea they were coming. It happened just like the first two teeth. Or boy has mastered his ability to eat his O's with the front teeth he's got. It's very cute.

Also last night, Devin slept all night only getting up once after 8 hours. He ate and then slept another four hours. Excellent! What a good boy.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

We've Got a Crawler

Our little guy is officially on the move. He has perfected his crawl and is all over the place now. He really got moving this past week. And now, he's pulling himself up. I can't believe it. He went from being stuck in one spot for what seemed like months to now crawling everywhere and pulling himself up. It is amazing.

Devin also has been sleeping great. He's only getting up once in the night. It is wonderful!

Father's Day

Rich celebrated his first Father's Day this year.

Devin and Grandpa Phil

Devin and Grandpa Fred

8 Month Pics

Saturday, June 16, 2007

8 Months Old

Devin is officially 8 months old now. Time has flown by to say the least. Our little guy continues to be so much fun. He has beautiful sparkly eyes and a smile that will melt your heart. Everyone says that he seems to be such a happy baby. And we'd agree...not that we are biased or anything.

Devin is officially on the move. He has perfected how to crawl, roll, and scoot to get where he wants to go. He was soooo close to crawling for so long that I wondered if he was ever going to do a true crawl. But this week, he mastered the skill and off he went. In our home, he loves to spend his time in the kitchen and dining room. It makes sense since he has spent the majority of his life in our family room. He has found great pleasure in touching the linoleum and rubbing the textured walls. He is really good at going from an all-fours position to sitting up and back and forth. He's very balanced and mobile.

Devin loves most foods. Peaches seem to be his current favorite. He really does prefer the chunky stuff over pureed foods. I'm happy that he loves different textures. And the O's are a huge hit in our household. I find little baggies of them everywhere, including my purse. I now understand why Moms are always toting those around. They are a great snack. So far, Devin has had all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Sometimes he eats a lot and other times he eats less. But he is good about telling us if he wants more or not. We've been doing a lot of signing with him lately and I swear I got the "milk" sign last night for the first time. He really does understand us and I can't wait to start seeing some signs back. I think he is close.

Our not-so-little guy has pretty much outgrown his baby bathtub. So, lately we've been getting in the tub with him and filling it up a few inches. Bath time is a favorite for sure. Sometimes we fill the tub all the way up and let Devin have the feeling of swimming. He's very comfortable in the water. He lets us pour water over his head without warning. I hope that pays off as we try to get him swimming in the future.

Yesterday, Rich took Devin on his first hike with our friend, Pablito. They went just a few miles and Devin rode in the baby backpack carrier no problem. He did great...and enjoyed getting in the water at their destination. Devin is an outdoorsman just like his daddy.

Devin can be quite the chatter box at times. It is like he's telling you a story in his own language. It is very cute. And he has all the expressions to go with it. Wish I knew what he was saying.

We recently dropped the bed down lower in his crib. I was getting nervous he was going to crawl out the top. So, we are sleeping safer now. Although he was in bed with Rich the other morning and rolled off for the first time. He had a soft landing, so we are thankful everything was ok. Needless to say, we'll have to keep a closer grasp on our boy.

I have a feeling that Devin will go from crawling to pulling himself up on things before long. He has very strong arms and legs, and loves to climb up on us or his Piper dog. He is so proud when he is upright.

I'll see if I can get a series of pictures up. He's changed so much that I need to get some online quick.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Such A Busy Boy

Devin is changing so much right now. He is past the teething part for now. The top two teeth are in and he's a much happier camper. His new thing is being VERY attached to mom and dad. This morning, he wouldn't let me out of his sight. If I left the room, he'd practically jump for joy when I came back. Rich had to distract him with some O's for breakfast so I could leave for work. He loves his daddy!

Devin is starting to crawl and few steps. He moves forward a bit and then converts to an army crawl of sorts. He is very mobile for not doing an official crawl yet. He also integrates in a roll or two since it is faster!

Last night, Devin slept his best night yet. He only got up once to eat and then was back in his crib. We all were much more rested today. Yeah.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Two New Top Teeth

Devin's new top teeth have officially arrived. Yeah. You can't really see them without looking closely, but they are there. He's been a much happier camper today. Phew. How many more teeth to go?

Saturday, June 02, 2007

An Explorer

I like to play in my bed sometimes.
Lets pull down the bumper to see what's going on out there.
Ah...they caught me!
Ok, I'll just stand up and look out the top of my crib then.

Devin is not yet crawling, but he's very much on the move. He has perfected rolling over and scooting in reverse to get places. And when he's in your arms, he's a total wiggle worm. You have to hang on to him because you never know when he'll throw himself forward. Such a boy!

Devin has two new teeth coming in and life has been a bit rough for him. A few nights ago, he was just so miserable. But he's been a little better as of late. I'm hoping that these teeth pop all the way through soon so we can get back to our regular routine.
Tonight, we went to our neighbor's house for a bbq and Devin happily went with every person who wanted to hold him. This was impressive considering he only had two quick naps today and was a bit cranky as a result. But we were outside and that is usually the ticket for him. He is happiest outdoors...just like his daddy!
Tomorrow Rich is going to the pool to get set up for Summer Swim. I may go with him to put Devin in the pool and see how he likes it. Should be fun.