Friday, September 26, 2008

Going for a Ride

Here's a few pictures of Devin and James in our backyard.

James giving Devin (and the truck) a push.

Now it is Devin's turn to push James. We are all about trying to learn how to share and take turns these days.

Devin hamming it up for the camera.
Now, James is hamming it up for the camera.

Tomatoes Anyone?

Devin is a big fan of tomatoes these days. He'll go out to the garden and pick his own cherry tomatoes.
Ah's one that looks good.
Just got to get the stem off.Ok, now how about another?

Thursday, September 04, 2008

22 Months

Oh my goodness. Time is just flying boy. Devin will be 2 years old before we know it. Our little boy (who is definitely not a baby anymore) is growing, learning, and changing every day. He is really starting to talk a lot more. He tries learn whatever new word you pass by him. He has recently perfected how to articulate a perfect “NO.” I almost laugh when he says it because it is with such passion and authority. On the positive side, Devin can say all kinds of words and even will throw out names of people including Auntie and Frank (our neighbor next door who Devin adores).

We have officially retired the bottle. Yeah. Devin has been on strike not willing to drink his milk out of anything but the Born Free training cups. He’ll drink anything else out of a regular cup, paper cup, sippy cup, you name it. It was just the milk that had to be delivered a special way. Go figure. I recently picked up a BPA free Nalgene with a sipper top and that was the golden ticket to retiring the bottles. I’m thrilled. Next up, we’ll retire the pacifier. Something tells me that will be a much bigger battle. He yells “Mimi” when he wants it. And he’s very persistent.

Devin has been in his big boy bed for a while. I say big boy bed, but really it is the nicest queen size bed in our house. We were torn about getting a smaller bed but then decided that would only last so many years and we’d be buying another bed. Thankfully his room is big enough for that and the crib, which is just sitting idle in his room. Right now if Devin climbs out of his bed, he can’t get back in by himself because the big and luxurious bed is so tall. We may end up just putting the mattress on the floor. We’ll see. We do have a baby gate up in his doorway to make sure he doesn’t wander in the night, especially with the stairs.

We think Devin has been on a growth spurt lately. His clothes are getting smaller and he has been napping 2 to 3 hours a day. Remember, he used to be our “snapper” (aka short napper). He barely napped 30 minutes as a baby. These long naps now are such a blessing. Devin goes to bed at night around 9 or 9:30 and will sleep to 7:30 or so. He usually sleeps the night but not always. It is very hit and miss. Rich thinks his second molars are coming in now so hopefully those will appear soon.

Lets see….what else is new. Oh, Devin still has a love for the outdoors. He wants to go on walks, go to the park, or even run and flop into his little blow up pool. He’s such a character. He is very much a happy camper outside.

Also, Devin is on the road to potty training. Yeah. He will consistently sit on the potty and pee. And lately, he has started telling us when he pees in his diaper. We are letting him set the pace on this but, for now, he’s super excited with the whole peeing thing. It is something fun and new to him.
Those are just a few highlights of what is new in Devin’s world. I’ll try to get some more pictures posted soon.