Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gavin's 2 Year Check Up

My apologies for the delays in not posting. I got busy on Facebook and found myself not really posting vital information in either place. So I am back to updating my blog and will do my best to catch up on everything I've missed.

Gavin just had his two year check up. The doctor said that he was 36.7 pounds (99th percentile), 36 1/2 inches (95th percentile) and his head was 50th percentile. His growth charts are very consistent which is what they want to see. She did say to move him to lowfat (or even non-fat) milk as he is a very big boy. She said that she thinks he'll be very tall. Yeah! He actually is off the charts for a two year old and measuring the 25th percentile if he was 3 years old today. So, he is well on his way. :-) She also said he measures much taller than Devin at this age, so there is a good probability he may end up taller than his older brother. Although Devin is considered to look much older than he is because of his height. Must be all the good organic food in our house.

Gavin battled four recurring ear infections this winter, so we are hopeful that we are through with all that. His ears were clear at the appt, so I'm praying we don't see another ear infection. Although the doctor warned me that they may come back next winter and to be prepared. If that is the case, we'll get tubes right away. He is prone for ear infections, so we just know now to not suffer for months on end as a result.

The only milestone Gavin is missing at this point is around his speech. He has a small handful of words he can say clearly. He is very much trying to talk though. She wants him to have at least 20 clear words by Christmas. If we don't see that in three months, I'm going to go ahead and start him in therapy now that I know his ears are clear.


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