Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Round Up

I took Gavin over to the pumpkin patch last weekend with some good friends. Gavin loved seeing all the animals and the go carts they had for the kids to ride around the property. He also enjoyed picking up all the pumpkins and watching the other kids. He and his friend Max were so cute together. Here’s a few pics.

That same weekend, Rich also took Devin up to some friend’s property for a round-up. Rich rode a horse to move the cattle in (boy I would have paid some serious money to see that). And Devin took to Loren’s mom really well and went with her on a nature walk. She was Devin’s favorite after she made him Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. I am so happy when people love my kid as much as I do. Devin also did some fishing, threw lots of rocks into the river, rode in Loren’s lap while driving the truck around the property, rode a horse, and camped in the cabins. It sounded like a really good time. Next year, I want to go.


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