Sunday, September 05, 2010

Camping Trip to Pescadero

At the beginning of August, we camped in Pescadero for seven days, six nights. We really enjoyed that location as it was easy to venture out every day and do something new. We bought a tent trailer earlier this year and wanted to get in a few trips before the summer was up. Here's some pics of our adventures.
Pescadero light house....breathtaking view. It is the lighthouse referenced in the business book called Getting Naked. It is about a consulting firm in the Half Moon Bay area named after this lighthouse.
Gavin at the beach.

Rich and Gavin We tried for a family pic but Devin wanted nothing to do with it. And Gavin wasn't too thrilled either. Go figure!

Jason and Jace came to visit us one day. I'm sure many would be surprised to see a picture Rich and Jason with their kids! Oh how the times have changed. :-)


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