Sunday, September 05, 2010

We Love Glue!

While I was on a business trip, Devin fell at his school and put his tooth through his lip. It was really the skin below his lip but bad nonetheless. Fortunately, Rich was arrived to pick him up right after it happened. So he was able to quickly get him over to the doctor and they successfully glued it in lieu of stitches. When I saw Devin in the morning (after arriving late the evening it happened), I could not believe how big a fat lip he had. And the glue looked like someone put a piece of scotch tape on his chin. I am now a BIG fan of the glue because within one week, you can barely tell where he busted his chin. So far, Devin has been glued twice (once on his foot about a year ago and once on his face). I wish they had glue when I was a kid! Who ever invented this is a hero.


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