Thursday, February 12, 2009

Kick. Kick. Kick

Oh boy. Baby #2 is starting out to be a lively one. The kicks now are much more pronounced, so I can actually sit and watch my belly bounce up and down as this kid moves around. Thankfully, the baby is pretty quiet during the night so I have been getting really good sleep. It does wake up in the morning if I roll over, but not too big a problem overall. I am marvelling at how fun it is to be pregnant. I really enjoy it.

We have been asking Devin if he wants a baby sister or brother. And he usually replies with, "baby!" Well, that is certainly going to happen. Then I ask if he wants a boy or girl and he usually says, "girl." Hopefully he won't be dissappointed if we end up with a baby brother instead. Devin is so sweet too. He loves to pull up my shirt and give "the baby" a kiss. I'll have to snap a picture of it. And he usually follows up the kiss with a wet raspberry. This baby will know raspberries very well before it is born. Devin has always been very affectionate and always wants to snuggle first thing when he wakes up. Wonder if he'll be that way with his new sibling???

Devin has been sleeping so great these days. We have a good bedtime routine consisting of a bath, then a few more trips around the house on his radio flyer bike, then books with some milk, brushing teeth, and then one more book and lights out. I always say, "Last book" and he says, "lights out." I tell yah, kids are all about routine. It is heaven. Then we give kisses and say goodnight and I walk out and he goes to bed. No fussing, no crying. And then we don't hear from him until the next morning. It is soooo great! He was never a good sleeper before and I realized that I was the problem, not him. Soothing him to sleep caused him to be so dependent on me. We have a great routine and loving process now for bedtime. We are all happier for it!

We went to look at another Montessori school yesterday for Devin and they have openings so we are going to enroll him starting in June. It will be great because Rich and I will both be off work for a few months and can take him to and from school. I really think Devin will enjoy the new and exciting activities they will have for him. Our boy is growing up! Next step...potty training. :-)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Devin was sooooo excited to see a firetruck parked outside Costco yesterday. And the firemen all came out behind us. They were so nice and told Devin he could sit in the driver's seat. They even gave him a few Jr. Firefighter stickers. Needless to say, they made a 2 year old boy's day! Devin couldn't stop talking about it all the way home.