Friday, March 20, 2009

A Weekend Away at Bodega Bay

Rich and I had the oppty to go to Bodega Bay for my birthday. It was such a nice weekend. Devin stayed with his Grandparents, so we were able to sleep in, dine at nice restaurants, and watch two movies. It was a total treat. :-)
Here's the view of the bay and ocean from our hotel room. We had incredible views and perfect weather!
A view that is hard to beat.
Here's a picture off my blackberry. My first official belly shot at 26 weeks.

More Pics...

Devin got a fun tent for inside the house. He loves it. He wants us ALL in there to snuggle with pillows, blankets, and books. Even Piper has to get in on the family affair.
Devin also has taken up golf recently. He can hit it pretty well. He's showing his athletic abilities quite a bit these days. He clearly didn't get those abilities from me (Mommy).

A New Type of Mustache

Devin loves molasses on his pancakes...just like his daddy. This pictures cracks me up. He had more on there, but licked it off before I could get the camera out.

Loving His Radio Flyer

Here's a picture that I love. It totally shows his personality. He rides his Radio Flyer all around the hardwood floors. He can go super fast forwards and backwards. He even takes the turns so fast he'll tip over intentionally. Our little speed demon!


Devin and James visited the train museum a while back. They had a blast.


Devin loves to get in our jacuzzi tub (aka "the bubble machine") and make lots of bubbles.

Devin and daddy make beards out of bubbles! So cute.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Years

Here's some pictures from New Years that I've been meaning to post.
Devin and Papa.

Devin played air hockey for the first time and made several goals all on his own. Impressive.
This is Devin with Rich's cousin's granddaughter Gianna. They were so cute together.
Devin and Grandma having a dance. He loves to dance.