Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Roll Over

Can you say, "Roll Over?" And I'm not talking about what we say to Piper when we are making her work for treats. I'm talking about Devin. He rolled over for the first time today. Yeah! I put him down on the floor on his tummy and he rolled over as soon as I let go. It was surprising to both of us. But Devin was a proud boy and let out a quick giggle and smile. He is getting really strong and will push himself up so his arms are really straight. Then tonight, he just leaned to the right and bloop, he rolled over. We'll see if it was an accident or if he can do it again soon.

This week, Devin and my Mom went with me to a conference in Burlingame. We had a good, quick trip. Next time, we'll need more time to do more shopping and exploring. It has been so long since I lived there that it seems like there are all new places to check out. My Mom was a total trooper and kept Devin busy in our hotel room while I attended my training sessions. We took a ton of Devin's toys and gear so we pretty much had wall-to-wall baby central going on. It is true, a little baby requires so much stuff! A big thanks to my rock star Mom for making the trip possible.

Devin's other new trick is that he likes to lay on his back and gurgle. It is as if he's learning how to use his vocal cords more and more each day. Now, I'll have to start working on the "ma ma" saying. :-)

Sleeping is still a challenge. Our sweet boy is not good at putting himself to sleep on his own. And he is not a pacifier baby so when he is up, it is hard to get him back to sleep without some rocking. We are letting him cry it out some, but we all know that will get messed up when we travel next week. I just can't see letting him cry it out in a very nice hotel!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

4 Month Appt

Devin was a champ making his way through his doctor appt today. He weighed in at 18 pounds, 15 ounces and was 26 1/2 inches long. That puts him in the 95th percentile for weight and 90th percentile for height again. His head was in the 50th percentile this time (up from the 25th percentile last time). So our boy got an excellent review from the doctor. He also received his second round of immunizations and didn't cry until the end. It took him longer to calm down this time, but now he's doing great. He had a nice nap in the car on the way home and is back to his old self. I'm sure we'll need another dose of Tylenol later like last time, but for now we're all good. Good job Devin!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Hanging Out

Devin (on right) hanging out with his good friend Mattia. They both wore matching outfits by coincidence. Such cutie pies. Mattia is two months older than Devin. Soon they will be crawling all over each other versus posing for pictures.
Devin also likes to hang out with Piper dog.
Hanging out again. Piper is keeps a close watch over her baby.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

4 Months Already

Devin is officially four months old. And he is still growing like a weed. We go to the pediatrician next week, so we'll get the run down on his weight and height stats then. Devin’s latest fun is putting at least one, if not two hands in his mouth. And there must be multiple fingers involved at all times. He also has mastered the art of talking with many of these same fingers/hands in his mouth. A true multi-tasker! He also has perfected the cutest belly laugh ever. You can laugh at him and he’ll laugh back, or give his ribs a little tickle and off he goes. He definitely has his mommy’s ticklish side. And that laugh just melts my heart.

In addition to growing so fast, he also is getting stronger by the day. He can hold himself up into a good pushup when laying on his tummy. This is while picking up his feet off the ground at the same time. A true yoga pose in his daddy’s honor of course. He also will take a break and put his head down to chew on the hand he just couldn’t resist.

Devin isn’t rolling over yet, but he’s getting more movement in his legs while arching his back at the same time, so I envision a “rollover” trick could be in our near future.

Devin also is getting good at leaning forward when sitting up. For example, if you lean him back on some pillows, he’ll push his elbows back and his head forward to get in a more upright position. And he is more sturdy sitting up. He still will topple over in the wind, but he’s getting better about sitting more upright on his own rather than being leaned so far forward. Guess that will only last until he wants to start chewing on his feet. Haha.

Our sweet boy is sleeping a bit better these days. He decided he was DONE being swaddled, so we’ve been going through the growing pains of him going to sleep in his crib with his arms and legs wild and free. It seems like he wakes up as soon as you put him down. Then he has a hard time going to back sleep as he often smacks himself in the head with an arm or hand. But, he is getting better and we all know he needs to learn to sleep unassisted. Every day is different, but we are definitely seeing some improvement. He still is a short napper, but he does good long sleeps at night most of the time.

Yesterday, the weather was really nice. So, we put Devin in the jogging stroller and took Piper for a walk. Devin loved being outside (and so did Piper) and seeing everything. I think he’ll be a big fan of the jogger in the summer. Yeah! I have found that he will go anywhere with me as long as he is upright and can see what is going on. So, he either is in his stroller sitting up (versus laid back in the carseat in the stroller) or in the Baby Bjorn carrier on my chest. He will smile at anyone and kick his legs with joy as we make our way around the stores doing our errands.

The time has sure flown by. And I truly think this is the fun time of parenthood because Devin is a happy and expressive child, but not yet on the move.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

4 Months Old

I like to do whatever my daddy does.

Ok, I'll take my hand out of my mouth...but just for a second.

My mommy likes to smother me with kisses.

I'm a big boy - 4 months old today.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sleep Is for Whimps

Oh my...our boy Devin has decided he wants to be up all night long. He was such a good sleeper and now is up all the time. We can't quite figure it out, but am hopeful it will pass as quickly as it arrived. Who knows.

This is my first full week back at work and we are all starting to get into the swing of our new schedule (even though we all feel sleep deprived at the moment). Rich and my Mom have been watching Devin during the day and then I take the evening shift. It is really working out great because Devin gets the best of everyone all day. And I love the fact that Devin has quality time with Rich...those two are sure to always have a special bond as a result.

Work is going well. I have been clearing out the cob webs and getting caught up. I do miss Devin like crazy, but know he'll be there with a smile when I get home. That makes it all worth it.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

First Day Back at Work

I am officially back to work and it went surprisingly well. Devin didn't sleep very well this week (I must have been bragging about him sleeping through the night too much), so I was worried going back to work was going to be rough. But thankfully, he slept much better last night so we got off to a good start. He woke up at 6 a.m. for a quick feed and then went back to bed. My Mom came over this morning, so I wouldn't have to wake him and put him in the car for the short trek to her house. It was really nice to just sneak out of the house while he was still asleep in his crib. Although I did get all my hugs and kisses in at his 6 a.m. feeding. :-)

It was so nice being greeted by all my coworkers. And Vickie spoiled me with flowers and bagels. Thank you! I had a good chuckle as I took down the Hallloween decorations in my office and turned the calendar from October to February. I missed my last day at work so my office was still in Halloween/October mode. Hard to believe so much time has passed.

I came home at lunch to visit Devin and he was very excited to see me. It was such a sweet moment watching him squeal with excitement. I was happy and relieved to see him having such a good day.

Tomorrow is already Friday...Yeah! So glad I came back mid-week. Thanks everyone for your support and encouragement as I made my way back to reality. It helped a ton. Thank you!

Devin's Friends

Here's a picture of the babies from our birthing class. They were all born in October, so it was fun to put all the kids together for a photo shoot. Especially since they aren't moving around yet. We decided that as soon as one starts crawling, we better get back together quickly before they are all on the move. Devin is in the middle with the chocolate brown pants on (sandwiched between the two adorable girls). So cute.