Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Good Dr. Appt

I had a prenatal appt. today and my doctor said that everything is "cooking" along just fine. The baby is measuring right on target, my blood pressure was good, etc. So far, we have both called this an "uneventful pregnancy" which I am so grateful for. She said that the baby's heart rate was 126 and, as a result, officially made her prediction of a boy! We'll have to wait a little while longer to find out for sure. Devin keeps asking for a sister so hopefully he won't be terribly disappointed if it is a boy.

The baby's heart rate was found low on my belly so my doctor is pretty sure the baby is in a head down position. I was convinced for a while that the baby was in a lateral position as I had kicking on both sides, but the baby for the last week or two has just been kicking and rolling up high on my belly. So that would fit with the idea of the baby being in a head down position. One thing that is true is that this baby is very active all day long. Thankfully, it sleeps all night. :-)

I did take a good fall walking into my office building a week ago. I hit a slick spot on the floor combined with my balance being awful with the extra weight. I must have done a perfect drop and roll because I didn't hit my belly and ended up with not a single bruise or sore muscle. Only some latte foam in my hair! Rich kept teasing me that the surveillance camera film was sure to end up on YouTube! I now walk very slllloooowwwwlllyyy on that floor.

I've been really feeling good. Just starting to have a really good waddle and feeling slower by the day. And bending over to pick something up is a joke. I am already started to dream of wearing normal, non-maternity clothes this summer!

Oh, I also bought a new carseat for the baby. It is on backorder until June, so hopefully the seat will come before this baby. If not, I'll have to get a different color or whatever they have in stock. Cross your fingers that carseat order shows up early. I have also started sorting all of Devin's newborn clothes so I will have some stuff handy for the new munchkin. I'm pretty much not planning to buy anything until I know the baby's gender, except for a unisex outfit for the baby to wear home from the hospital. The good news is that girls can wear blue is just boys that don't look right in pink. haha.

I made my last official work trip yesterday to San Francisco. It was almost 90 degrees and most lunch places did not have air conditioning. But I found an air conditioned Starbucks to hang out in until my business meeting. Thank goodness! Rich and I were both super tired yesterday and were in bed by 9 p.m. last night. I still sleep really well thankfully and am back with full energy today.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Almost 2 1/2 Years Old

Devin is just about to turn 2½ years old and he is so much fun right now. Everyone says that kids go through the “terrible two’s” but I have yet to see that. I have also heard it is more the “troublesome three’s” you have to watch out for. Hopefully that won’t be the case. :-) Crossing my fingers of course.

Devin has really sprouted up lately. He is 35 pounds and I’ll have to measure how tall. He is wearing size 10 shoes these days, although I expect to go up another size soon. And all of a sudden, his 2T clothes are looking short and small. That works out pretty well though as we’ll be changing seasons soon and can move up to the 3T size with a new spring wardrobe for him. Devin is also ready for “big boy underwear.” He’s really on the cusp of potty training and he is soooo excited about it. That is exactly how I wanted it to work for him. He loves getting a sticker as a reward for using the potty. My hope is that we can hunker down in the next week or two and really give the potty training a shot. He has to be potty trained to go to Montessori school in June, so I think we are tracking pretty good right now. And I’m thrilled that he is eager to do this.

He also is talking up a storm these days. His vocabulary grows every day and he’s so proud of his ability to communicate and tell us a short story. He can put together a couple short sentences now. But his being vocal can make him somewhat demanding at times. In the morning, he hollers, “MILK!” We are working on our “inside voice” along with “pleases” and “thank you’s.” He also loves to talk on the phone. Whenever Rich or I are talking on the phone, we hear, “I want to say hi” from Devin. And then he’ll talk to whoever is on the other end for as long as they’ll keep talking to him. It’s pretty funny.

Devin has been sleeping great ever since I quit laying down with him to go to bed. He loves books before bed and lately rattles off all the names of things in his picture books. He now reads at least one book to us before bed which is very fun. He’s got quite the memory for learning all the different types of trucks, tractors, trains, etc. Devin usually goes to bed about 8:30 p.m. and gets up at 6:30 a.m. I really think he was a rooster in another life because he wakes up at 6:30 a.m. almost to the minute. But I can usually snuggle him in our bed for a little while longer if I’m lucky. His naps are still running about 2 ½ hours these days. Sometimes he sleeps longer.

Devin continues to be a good eater. He loves his salsa, garlic, spicey foods, etc. He will pretty much eat anything but yogurt and cheese. He has a strong opinion about those. He is also very clever. One day, he really wanted a popsicle but I told him he had to eat his dinner first. So he took all the food off his plate and put it on Rich’s and said, “I’m all done Mommy!” What a smart kid.

I am definitely getting bigger as my pregnancy continues. Devin still gives my belly lots of kisses and raspberries. He says that the wants a baby girl…never once have I heard him say that he wants a boy. We’ll just have to wait and see. One day he was learning about the moon and sun with Rich’s parents. So he said that he wanted to name the baby Moon. Hopefully he’ll forget about that. J People ask me if Devin realizes he is going to be a big brother and I’m not really sure. We read an Arthur book about his Mommy having a baby, so I think he’s putting it all together. I have 10 more weeks until my due date and our good friends Pablo and Rebecca are having a second baby a month head of us. So maybe Devin will start figuring out the pregnancy thing when their baby arrives.

Devin has become quite the artist lately. He spends a lot of time drawing and painting with Grandma Valdez. He wants to draw anytime I put a pen in my hand. He also has a HUGE fascination with watching garbage and dump trucks on YouTube. He doesn’t really watch TV, but we’ve created a monster in that he wants to watch Mommy or Daddy’s “peter” (aka computer) all the time.

Oh, I also love how he says some words. For example, he says, “helicohcohcopter” for helicopter. Rich and I both smile every time he says that. I have to get it on video.

The only thing about Devin I can’t figure out is why he gets sick in the car sometimes. I’m not sure if he has motion sickness or ate too much. It is quite the drag and thankfully it doesn’t happen often. But I only hope he doesn’t have motion sickness like I did as a kid.

I’m sure I’ve missed other things. But hopefully my work will slow down a bit and I can make posting more frequently. Thanks for checking in on us.