Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gavin - 5 Month Pics

Sitting Up

Gavin has almost perfected how to sit up on his own. I put a pillow behind his back just in case he falls backwards, but so far so good. He used to be leaned really far forward when in the sitting position, but now he can pretty much get himself fully upright on his own. He loves sitting up. And he's pretty well balanced being able to lean left or right to grab a toy and not fall over. It is very fun to watch him reach different milestones.

He has also rolled over a few times, but not with any consistency yet. I think it surprises him when he does roll over and isn't quite sure what he did to cause it. He is pretty much tracking his older brother by sitting first and then rolling over second.

I just moved Gavin up to the 12-18 month size clothes. I think he was only in the 6-12 month size for a few weeks at best. This kid is growing like crazy! It is really fun putting him in Devin's old clothes that make him look more like a little boy than a baby. Although, I am savoring all these baby days like you wouldn't believe.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Halloween 2009

Baby Giraffe (aka Gavin) and Daddy
Fireman Devin

Piper was a dalmation. Although the big spots almost made her look like a cow.


Here's a link to a photo sitting we did almost a month and a half ago. Devin was almost 3 years old and Gavin was 3 1/2 months old. I originally planned on Gaving being a pea pod for Halloween as you'll see in these pics, but he outgrew the costume before the holiday. So, he graduated from this costume to being a giraffe for trick-or-treating. But cute pics nonetheless.

Devin's 3 Year Checkup

Devin went to the doctor a couple weeks ago and got glowing reviews from the pediatrician. He was 40 pounds (above the 95th percentile) and 39 1/2 inches tall (85th percentile). I think he is actually a bit taller as the nurse didn't have his straighten up before the measurement. But nonetheless, his stats look great.

I did chuckle at this appt though because instead of the doctor asking me questions, she would ask Devin directly. Things like, "do you wear a helmet when you ride your bike?" or "do you sit in your carseat?" I wonder how many kids actually rat out their parents?

At Devin's appt, he didn't need any shots. Yeah! But he did get the H1N1 nasal treatment. He goes back in 30 days for a booster. He had zero symptoms afterwards so I was happy about that. We'll probably also get him the flu shot at his follow up appt. Not sure he'll be so thrilled about that.

Devin's teacher called me today to say that they had another false fire alarm. Aaargghh! Apparently, several kids had a really hard time and were crying. Devin did great, but she knows how much that startled him last time and we struggled for months afterwards as a result. So, I went to the school right away and hung out with him during lunch to make sure he was comfortable. He really seemed great. We'll see how drop off tomorrow morning goes. He has been awesome for several weeks now, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed we stay on that path.

Devin was so cute at school today. He just got his lunch and was picking a table to sit at. So, he found one and then went to get another chair for me to sit in. It was so thoughtful and sweet. Of course, a proud mom moment!

Devin has become a total chatter box. He says the funniest things sometimes. He woke up from his nap and then we climbed in my bed to snuggle for a few minutes. He says, "Mommy...this bed is so comfortable. And my bed is too." He said that with the sweetest smile.

We have officially moved out of pull-ups at night. He has been staying dry for a while but I was more leary of giving them up for some reason. But he's been doing great and is so excited and proud in the morning to tell us he stayed dry. And he no longer wants milk with his bedtime books. He instead drinks it earlier in the evening. Our boy is growing up!