Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Easter

Devin got the hang of easter egg hunting really quick!

Ah, here's another one.
I can sweep and collect my eggs.
Here's a picture from later in the day. We really had some great spring weather.

Ah ha...I can even sweep up my eggs.

Spring Break Trip to Lake Tahoe

Family shot in front of Lake Tahoe (we took this from the Heavenly vista point).

Giving daddy some kisses. So sweet.
Devin found a few big snowballs. He thought they were great.
Walking in snow is different.
We did a little snowshoeing while Devin slept in the backpack.

First Air Show

Here we are at Devin's first air show. He didn't quite realize that the planes on the ground are the same he's used to seeing in the sky.
Jen and Devin in front of an F-16
Grandpa Steck in front of a KC 135. This is the plane my dad flew for years on refueling missions.
Here is Devin next to the wheels of a KC 135. That shows how big the plane is for sure.
Grandpa Steck in front of a T38. This is another plane my dad used to fly as an instructor. He flew them all - big and small.
Devin giving Grandpa a ride in the wagon...not quite an airplane!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

17 Months Old

Devin has crossed the 17 month mark. Time sure flies. He has become such a love bug lately. He gives the best hugs and kisses. I just love them. And he is still into the broom, vacuum, and being outdoors. The weather has been nice so thankfully that we've been able to spend a lot of time doing his favorite things. Today, he rode on his tricycle all the way around the couldesac. Usually, he will go a few yards and then want to climb off and push the bike himself.

Last weekend when we were outside, Devin helped me give Piper a bath with the hose. I'm not sure who got the better shower - Piper, Devin, or me. Devin was quite the helper. I told Rich that if you had a video camera, it would have been hilarious to catch on tape.

Devin has been a little off on his sleeping here and there. I've been traveling a ton for work so Devin has been splitting his nights between home and Grandpa and Grandma Casadays. Thankfully he sleeps great at their house and Rich is able to make it to his super early classes not having to shuttle Devin around. We are fortunate to have so much family help when I am on the road. I'm not sure how we'd do it otherwise. We are very thankful.

When we got back from Cancun, we thought Devin was getting his second molars, but that seems to have passed. It is really hard to see in there what is going on. And he'll bite you hard if you put your finger in there to check. He is in a great mood these days, so I assume he either got another tooth or it was just threatening to come through and has retreated for a while.

Devin is in 2t tops and 18 month or 2t pants. He seems like he is really starting to lean down now. I thought for a while I was going to have to move him up to size 6 diapers, but he seems to be fine now in the size 5.

We haven't heard many new words from Devin as of late. The only exception would be agua. Or at least I think that is what I'm hearing. And he is still signing a ton. I tried to get him to say milk the other day and he just kept signing for milk. It was funny.

We are goingt to the air show tomorrow with Devin's cousin, so I'll post pictures as soon as I can.

A Day at the Park

We went to the Davis Farmer's Market today and Devin had a great time as usual. Next to the market, there is a park for kids and lots of room to run. Here's a few pics of Devin making his way down the slide. He has perfected his technique going to the park often with Grandpa and Grandma Valdez. What a happy kid.
So fun!
Yeah!! Ok, lets go again.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Our Weekend Away in Cancun

Rich and I had the opportunity to go to Cancun at the end of February as part of a SunGard incentive trip. Thanks to Devin's incredible grandparents (both the Casadays and Valdez's), Devin stayed behind and we were able to have a vacation for just the two of us. What a treat! Thank you grandparents!!!!
Here's the view from our hotel room with the ocean beyond the cabanas.
Just a little bite to eat with an ocean view.
I've never seen such a beautiful beach and ocean.
Surf is up! It was pretty windy, so the waves were really coming in.
Rich getting ready for some zip lining. Notice the "Mayan" brake (aka tree branch) in his hand. You use that to slow yourself down while zipping by.
Here he comes!
We had an opportunity to build bikes for kids in the community. Here they are holding up the gifts they brought us. Amazing!
Here's half the bikes ready to go.
Ricardo Jose chose our bike. It was so cool that he had practically the same name as Rich (Richard Joseph). Ricardo was 8 years old. Some of the kids who came that day had never seen the beach or ocean before. What an heart-warming experience.