Friday, February 19, 2010

8 Months Old

Gavin is 8 months old now and completely on the move. He just learned how to crawl and is all over the place. He is super fast. And yesterday (at 8 1/2 months old), he pulled himself up to standing all by himself. And he is pretty graceful at getting back to a sitting position on the floor. It is amazing how much he's progressed in just the last three weeks.

Gavin also has his bottom two teeth. He popped the first one and then the other a couple days later. Boy...that teething process is rough. We went from him being a good sleeper and happy child throughout the day to one that would barely sleep an hour and a half at a time and then be fussy most of the day. Thankfully, the teething part didn't last too long and we are now back to having our happy child and him only getting up once or twice (less often) at night. I'm sure that will all change when the next set of teeth plan to arrive.

I haven't weighed Gavin lately, but he seems to be growing like a weed. I have him in 18-24 month size clothes. He's definitely a big boy (round and tall). He still eats pureed foods. He still chokes pretty easy, so he prefers the smooth baby food (organic of course). He is still on breastmilk primarily too. I have supplemented a few bottles, but mostly when I travel as I don't have much reserves in the freezer.

Devin is doing very well too. He LOVES his tool belt he got for Christmas and goes around the house acting like he is fixing things. It is very cute. And he loves his Bob the Builder books, videos, and legos. He has recently started doing roll play on his own. I can hear him in the other room playing with his toys and acting things out.

Devin is doing great at school. His teacher said a few weeks ago that he was normalizing. We are soooo proud. If you want to read more about what that is go to Devin is so happy after a school day. He may say "I don't want to go" in the morning, but he is certainly beaming afterwards.

We did have another false fire alarm at his school recently. And boy, that was beyond frustrating. But we pulled him out of school until the entire system and wiring was replaced. I hope, and pray, that this is the end of our false fire alarm issues.

Devin has sprouted up lately and is wearing 4T clothes. And he seems to be outgrowing his size 11 shoes. I think we'll be in size 12's pretty soon.

A few weeks ago, we went tubing in Lake Tahoe and I was a little nervous Devin wouldn't ride in his tube up to to the top of the mountain by himself. But he did it without any question. He continues to be our thrill seeker and loved going super fast back down the mountain. I would hook our tubes together for the ride down and he'd say....faster, faster!

Devin is sure growing up. He is becoming more independent by the day. And he is a very loving boy. He loves to get snuggles and gives me lots of kisses every morning when I drop him off at school. And he's pretty happy as long as Gavin isn't messing with his toys!

Trying to Crawl

This picture is from a few weeks ago when Gavin was trying to crawl. He would go from sitting, to all fours, and back to sitting. He just couldn't quite figure out how to move forward.

Lake Tahoe - Jan 2010

We took the kids to Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago for a day of play in the snow. It was super fun.
Jen pulling baby Gavin. He was smiling ear to ear loving his sled ride.
Devin (right) and his buddy Mason.
Rich and Devin going for a ride. Faster daddy....faster!

Auntie Des and Gavin

Auntie Des and Gavin (7 months)

Want to go for a ride?

We put Gavin in Devin's little wagon and he was so darn cute! He loved the wagon as you can see by his smile. He is 7 months old in these pics.

Gavin and Grandpa Phil

Here's a picture of Gavin along with another one of him and Grandpa Phil. Gavin was almost 7 months old in these pictures.

Visit With Friends

Here's a picture of Devin with his friends Nick and Ellery that came to visit right after Christmas. If you look back to an old blog post from December 2007, you'll see pictures of the kids when they were little munchkins. Thanks LeAnne and Rod for coming to visit with your beautiful kids!

Christmas 2009

Here's some pictures from Christmas that I've been meaning to post.