Monday, July 07, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hope you had a great 4th of July. We went to Tahoe for the weekend and had a great time. We stayed at Chris' cabin (thanks Chris). There was lots to do and kids to play with, so Devin had a blast. We went up to the granite rock area overlooking Donner to watch the fireworks. Devin fell asleep on the way up there and completely sleep through the fireworks. Maybe he'll catch them next year!

At the cabin, there was a Wii game and Devin thought it was the coolest. He doesn't get to watch TV at home really, so he doesn't really have an interest in movies or the like. But he thought the bowling Wii game was the best. We'd give him a control and he'd swing it like he was playing. And then he'd clap and yell "yeah" when you got a strike or spare. It was too darn cute. Then, I laughed when we got home yesterday and he was swinging the TV remote like it was a Wii controller. Hilarious.

I never did a 20 month update on Devin because it has been so hectic. And our camera is on the fritz so I'm delinquent in taking pictures too. But I'll do my best to catch up...

Devin is starting to talk more and more each day. He's added thank you, please, help, ice, and other words to his vocabulary. I can't wait until he can talk even more. He has also become an independent little guy. He has a step stool in the kitchen and moves it around so he can see what you are doing. He even tried his hand at washing some dishes the other day. I think the got more water on himself than the dishes though.

Devin still loves being outside. Although it is getting to be unbearably hot. He is just as thrilled if we set up a sprinkler to the hose and let him run through it! He's also been swimming quite a bit and is loving it. He will jump into the pool without hesitation. He knows to hold his breath when he goes under but expects you to be there to pull him up. He doesn't know how to swim yet, and he is fearless, so we keep a close eye on him. Thankfully, we don't have a pool in our yard so I don't have to worry about him just jumping in! Devin is also really good at blowing bubbles. He'll do it in the bath tub or in a glass of water.

We have been slowly introducing the potty. I usually have to talk him into the bathtub, then talk him into brushing his teeth (easiest to do it in the tub so the drool can go everywhere), and then out of the bathtub at the end. Once he is in the tub, it is hard to get him out. So lately, I ask if he "wants to sit on the potty" and I quickly get a "yeah." It is never "yes" but rather a quick "yeah." He likes to dry off and then sit on the potty with a towel wrapped around him. Then I get the "book" request. He has a favorite picture book with tractors, trucks, and what he calls a lawnmower. He'll sit and read his book for a few minutes and 9 times out of ten, we'll have pee in the potty! It has become a great routine.

Speaking of lawn mowers and trucks, Devin is still crazy for them. You can't drive down the freeway without hearing "truck" "truck" "truck." He is all boy. I laughed the other day when I was working in my home office and I saw the garbage truck go by with Devin following behind...and then Rich following Devin. Devin was in heaven with all the trucks going by his house.

Devin is still a good eater. He'll eat light for a few days and then eat a lot for a few days. But he's still not very picky which is great. And he is getting really good at using a regular cup. Devin is wearing a 2T in most clothes and about to move up to a 3T in things that run small. He also is about to outgrow hi 4/5 crocs. He loves those shoes. And we love them too because they can go from the sandbox to the sprinklers.

We are still getting settled into the new house, but Devin sure loves the backyard so the move has proven to be a good one. Hopefully we'll be home in the coming weekends so we can finish unpacking and begin some decorating. :-)

Father's Day

Here's some pictures I've been meaning to post from Father's Day.

Grandpa Steck, Cousin James, and Devin Devin still loves watermelon.

5th Annual Abalone Trip

In early June, we went to the coast for our annual abalone diving and camping trip. Devin loved being outside all weekend. He definitely is our outdoorsman!
Mason and Devin hanging out in their cool chairs.
Devin and mommy... and a yummy muffin for breakfast.
The guys are getting suited up for the big dive.
Devin thinks he'll try his hand at kayaking.
Oh boy....
Bye daddy! Be safe.
Devin and Mason had a blast on the beach.
Devin found a sand crab. Piper loves hanging out (and sleeping) on the beach.
Look...I can put the crab on my ankle. Cool.
Wait...where did he go?