Tuesday, April 29, 2008

First Baseball Game

This week I was traveling for work, but Rich and all my family got together for a Rivercats game. Devin sat on Rich’s lap or Grandma Casaday’s lap the whole time. He loves being outside, so going to a baseball game was a total hit. He sat there longer than he’s probably ever sat in one place before, even though it was only three innings.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

18 Months

Devin is growing up so fast. He has had all kinds of new experiences and discoveries. Just this past week he learned how to walk backwards. It is so cute. He takes several steps back and says…..whoooooaaaa. And diving from the ottoman to the couch is still a favorite evening activity.

Devin continues to sign like a champ. And he has a few more words he’ll say including ice, bird, milk, mama, dada, apple, bath, airplane, agua, hot, nanna (for banana), and lawn mower, etc. Yes, you read that right….lawn mower! He is fascinated with yard tools. Devin is learning more words every day. And he is very interested in his picture books and pointing at things for you to say. You can tell he is a total sponge right now taking it all in. He also has really good comprehension. I have found that if I tell him what we are going to do, or how it will be a few more minutes before he can have something, he totally calms down and will wait. He really understands everything that is going on. Amazing.

Being outside is by far some of Devin’s happiest moments. He loves to just roam around in the back yard. He’ll ride his tricycle, rake the bark, play with the fountain, wear some gardening gloves, pull weeds, etc. He even helped Rich put in the garden this past week. He is quite the helper.

We went to the doctor for Devin’s 18 month checkup and he was 28 pounds, 14 ounces (85th percentile) and 33 ½ inches tall (90% percentile). His head is still in the 50th percentile. The doctor said that Devin was right on track and developing great.

Every night, our biggest challenge is keeping Devin off Piper. He wants her to play with him like my Mom’s dog does. But Piper just sits there and waits for Devin to grab her ears, pull on her tail, you name it. She’s a very tolerant dog. But we have to watch Devin closely to make sure Piper doesn’t get run over by toys and such. Many times we have to yell to Piper to run for her life!

Devin was sleeping great and then we hit a rough patch for a few weeks there. He would wake up and then want to get in bed with us. But it seems like we are over that hump now and he is back to sleeping the night in his bed again. We are all better rested now thankfully. And Devin has even been sleeping in which is such a gift!

Bath time is still a fun time. Devin likes to get on his tummy and move his legs like he is swimming. We can’t wait to get him in the pool this summer.

Devin and his cousin James have been having some fun play dates lately. They love to chase each other around and have a good time. They are definitely going to grow up being best buds.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Birthing Class Reunion

A couple weeks ago, we got back together with the other couples from our birthing class. It has been about a year since we saw each other so it was fun to catch up. I didn’t have a camera that weekend, so I’ll track down some pictures to post. The kids were all adorable.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

First Haircut

I’m a bit behind on my blog so I’ll do my best here to get caught up…

Devin had his first haircut at the age of 18 months. We took him to a place that specializes in cutting kids hair. Devin had the chance to sit in a car to have his hair cut, but instead wanted to sit in my lap. So, I got draped and then Devin got draped and he hugged me the whole time. I didn’t mind of course. Those hugs are the absolute best! We saved all his hair and it fit in the tiniest envelope. He really only got the back and sides trimmed and the top was just right at it was. He definitely looks like a big boy now.