Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Trip to the Ocean

Yesterday, we went to Point Reyes to register Rich's backpacking class for a campsite in a few months. We had a great road trip and enjoyed showing Devin the Pacific Ocean for the first time. It was pretty chilly out there so we said, "There it is" and took some pictures. Then we made our way back home. These pictures are just so darn cute. We have quite the photogenic boy.

Today, we had the other couples from our birthing class over so we could meet all the little ones. All the babies were born in October, so it was fun to see how they are all developing in line with eachother. We put them on the couch for a group shot...Devin was sandwiched between the two girls. He loved it. Our camera battery died so I don't have a photo to post, but hopefully will receive one from the others via email soon. I do have some video though that is beyond precious.


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